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Quality & After Sales Service

In Mahameru, Quality Is In Every Fine Detail.

Quality process at CV. MAHAMERU Machines Industry starts at the very beginning. The production of reliable, durable and efficient food packaging technology of the highest calibre lies at the heart of our willingness to invest on quality control department. Our food packaging machines designers and construction teams stop at nothing to ensure that each packaging machines are conceived and crafted with quality for customer benefit. Every fine detail is studied meticulously.

We do everything with our customer in mind. Every action we take and every decision we made, is made with the vision of perfection in our customer's side. Precision and quality level are checked since the arrival of our raw materials. From conception to construction, from testing to reporting, from customer service to product delivery, it is your successful business operation that we think about.

product & service QUALITY commitment

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We are committed to providing high quality precision vertical food packaging machineries that meet customer needs and requirements. We recognize the quality of our products - and it will have a powerful impact on our customers operations and reputation. Therefore, we continuously improve our day-to-day operations and quality testing / checking in order to deliver safe, effective, and timely products that meet the quality expectations of our customers. Our up front quality auditor team is the most essential part of our reputation.

International Standard Manufacturing Procedure

We build all our machinery product technology with the highest level of operational standards and we perform a test usage audit throughout our products.

Parts & Supplies Support

We will not let our customers to get lost and blind for directions after purchasing our products. We will continue to be present and provide parts and supplies support to enhance customer investment value.

After Sales Commitment

With our “Can Do” commitment, we ensure all of our food packaging machines that we produce are machines that will last as long as possible. We have an after sales force that you can rely to handle any kind of maintenance, upgrades, retrofit, and repairs.