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Vertical Packaging Machines

We Provide You More Than Solutions

We are now in the era where automation system is no longer a luxury, instead it’s a compulsory in nowadays production system. However, there are so many variety of automation which are directly proporsional with so many different kind of problems. This is where CV. MAHAMERU Machines Industry step in. We’re not here just to offer our products, instead we offer solutions to solve these complex problems when you decide to use automation machineries. Our procedure is to learn about how you want your production process to run, then we assess the problem that might occur and we will execute with our product solutions. With this procedure, we will assure your business operation will run smooth and efficient.

All Mahameru products will come with both high durability and long lasting parts, these will be the best solution to cut your machine’s future maintanance expenses. Mahameru will always bring smart innovative system in every product line ever made.


Semi-Automated Packaging System

Mahameru MP-10

For pillow bag packaging

Mahameru MP-03

3 Side seal / 4 Side seal

Mahameru MP-01

For pillow bag packaging

Mahameru Product Advantages

Ease Of Operation With Better User Interface

We create a vertical packaging machine that is technologically advanced and easy to operate.

High Accuracy And High Durability

The accuracy of our design gave a great impact on the durability and effectiveness of our machines.

Easy To Maintain With The Best After Sales Service

We’ll answer all your inquiries on service and maintenance for the machines that you’ve purchased with our "Can Do" commitment.

Minimum Waste
Production System

The most adaptive system to any condition lead you to achieve the most efficient production ever

Production System

The play and pause feature promises you to alwaysget your demand when on chain bag mode

Safety Features
Is Our Standard Features

Our machines came up with alarm and interactive feedback let you to know if there is something wrong about your machines