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Established since 1987,  mahameru machines industry continues to evolve and keeping up with the never ending innovation in the world of packaging industry.

During all these years our founders and our professional team has created series of vertical packaging machinery products and dedicated solutions for food and beverage industry, livestock feed industry, seed plant industry and detergent industry, as well as providing surety with extensive and commited after sales service, also parts and accessories supplies to assure the  long run of our customers investments.  Everything we do at Mahameru Machines Industry is guided by our vision to ensure that we all go the extra mile to help our customers reach the full potential of our packaging machines and making sure that every penny spent to purchase our products and solution is worthy.

We have gained trusts from various F&B industries in Indonesia and around the world to provide a strong, high accuracy and high technology packaging machines. It is nothing other than proven performance and reliability that made our customers keep coming back to us. The lifelong-sustainable packaging machines are being evidence of our quality. 


The Strength of Our Company

For decades CV. MAHAMERU Machines Industry strives through the global competition era, and all such achievements are due to the merits of our people. Our company is a company that always offer new technology continuously, this is the result of teamwork that never stop following the times and always looking for new breakthrough to improve efficiency.


We believe in Japanesse principle, Kaizen, Kanban, and Jidoka


Is a principle to change to become better done step by step, then achieve a total evolution


Is a production system, a scheduling system so every thing done in systematic schedule


Merupakan prinsip dasar tentang otomasi industri berdasarkan pengamatan dan evolusi

Innovation is in our DNA, we are willing to listen and we are willing to provide tailored solution to each of our customers, end to end.


Become reliable and long-term partner to enrich food industrial businesses by bringing smart and efficient machineries with complete solution coverage.


Providing unique and innovative packaging machinery products and superb after sales service that deliver superior measurable value to all our customer.